Pacific Coast

The area west of the Andean Mountain range is considered the coast of Ecuador with a coastline stretching as long as 1,452 miles. It is where the lush green of the jungles meet the ocean. Guayaquil is the biggest city of this region (it is actually even larger than Quito, Ecuador’s capital city). Being the country’s most fertile land, it won’t surprise you that big companies such as Dole and Chiquita grow and export bananas from there. Active fishery is practiced in the coastal provinces and it is definitely worth an excursion to experience the early morning fish markets. It surely doesn’t get any fresher than that. 194 feet tall Mangroves, and therewith the tallest in the world, can be found in the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve, located in north-western Ecuador.

The coast is great to learn how to surf, or just enjoy the relaxed life on the beach. Ecuadorians and travelers alike spend their vacations in coastal towns such as Montañita which is renowned for its colorful and bustling nightlife. To get the most out of your trip you should travel along the “Ruta del Sol” -  the route of the sun. On your way you will discover deserted beaches, ports, markets, and quaint little fishing villages. And if you are really lucky you can watch humpback whales between June and October each year, who migrate to this area for mating season.


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