Medical internship / volunteer program

Medical internship / volunteer program
Explore the professional opportunity of your life: we offer medical internships and medical volunteering in Ecuador.

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Medical Spanish on the Coast of Ecuador

The key to quality medical care is communication and cultural empathy. Seeking medical help can be very frightening to non-English speakers and being able to communicate in their own language can be all it takes to get them through the door.

Escape to Ecuador has partnered up with various organizations and language schools to create and provide a specialty Spanish course which is designed specifically for those working in the health care industry. Our course is comprehensive and includes everything from Medical terminology to dealing with cultural issues. Our Medical Spanish course provides you the tools to build a good relationship with your Hispanic patients, which will undoubtedly improve your ability to diagnose and treat patients in Spanish.

Join us now for one of the most useful professional development opportunities of your life. We offer: 

  • Medical Internships (available to students in our Medical Spanish Program only)

  • Medical volunteering in coastal Ecuador is an excellent option for those who are in the health industry and want to expand their resumes as well as learn how to take care of Spanish speaking patients anywhere in the world.

Medical Internship/Volunteer Program

From day one you will be working side by side with local doctors and nurses, using your medical skills as they complete their daily tasks. You will have plenty of direct patient contact and the opportunity to participate in house visits as well as working in the lab and pharmacy. What makes this program a truly great medical internship/volunteering experience is the level of patient interaction and the willingness of your supervisors to share their knowledge and skills. Both of which will contribute immeasurably to your professional development.

Our organizations

During your program you are going to work in different hospitals and locations. Local clinics of Santa María del Fiat Clínica, Futuro Valdivia Clínica, and Manglar alto Hospital all raved about what a fantastic opportunity it is to learn about healthcare in a developing country. This program will help you develop your medical skills by gaining hands on experience while making a real difference to the life quality of our impoverished rural community.

Manglar alto Hospital provides a different kind of medical experience through the delivery of community healthcare projects such as concierge medicine for our impoverished rural community, which mainly consists on house visits in the countryside of town. The Hospital Director is excited about working with our interns/volunteers out in the countryside and believes your assistance is very much needed.


To ensure that the assistance we give our medical partners is worthwhile and ethical, we have a few requirements that medical interns/volunteers need to meet:

Minimum medical internship/volunteering period: 4 weeks, please indicate your course of study, your current year of study and your anticipated year of graduation.

You will need to send us a copy of your CV, which should cover the following:

  • Registration Fee: $200 non-refundable

  • Area of studies or Profession (Example; medical student, dental student, EMT, nurse etc.)

  • Years of experience in your healthcare related profession. If you are a student, please indicate your course of study, your current year of study and your anticipated year of graduation

  • The school or university where you are currently studying or have studied

  • The reason you wish to participate in our Medical Volunteering Program; letter of interest to cover any Academic requirement for studies, professional interests or personal goals

  • Areas of interest in which area you would prefer to do your rotation (Example; Family practice, General medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, medical team, home visits, etc.)

  • Your current level of Spanish

When we have received satisfactory personal information, we then need an official letter of recommendation from your dean, supervisor, or sponsor stating that you are in good standing and that you are being recommended to participate in our Medical Volunteering program.

Once you have satisfactorily completed the above, your volunteer placement will be confirmed. You will then receive a volunteer agreement that will need to be signed and returned to our internship/volunteer coordinator before you arrival. When you arrive to Ecuador you will need to bring a few things with you:

  • Copy of your passport

  • Copy of your medical insurance card 

  • Scrubs (two sets and if possible a stethoscope)



For your stay in Ecuador you have two options. You can either stay with a host family or in your own private dorm. The host family includes two meals a day and is already included in the price. This is the perfect opportunity to improe your everyday Spanish and immerse into the Ecuadorian culture. The private dorm, on the other hand, will cost you extra. Meals are not included. 


If you have any questions please contact:

Santiago Arboleda
Program Director

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