Teaching English

First and foremost, Ecuador's a great place to live. Ecuadorians are very welcoming and warm, and they're particularly passionate about their fútbol and salsa dancing. In addition, the natural beauty of the country is astounding: Ecuador, which is the size of Colorado and straddles the equator (hence its name), is the most bio diverse country in the world. Example weekend trips are a whale-watching expedition off the largely unspoiled coast; camping, hiking and rafting in the central, mountainous sierra, which is rife with active volcanoes and rugged peaks; and exploring the country's Amazon jungle by hiking or river boat.

Interesting geography and friendly people aside, costs in Ecuador are among the lowest in South America. If you arrive with some money saved up from home, it will go a long way. Then there are the benefits of learning Spanish—or perfecting your command of the language if you already speak it. Most Ecuadorians talk with a slow and clear accent, so the country's a popular destination for Spanish learners. Finally, teaching English is just plain fun—you'll meet a lot of new people, learn about the local culture, and contribute something meaningful to the lives of your students.

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